I'm Reselling Rackspace Cloud Sites' Sub Accounts

Hi! And welcome! I’m Stephen Pickering. I’m reselling Rackspace Cloud Sites in smaller“chunks” or“slices” so to speak for those wishing to host on the advanced Cloud Hosting platform, taking advantage of the benefits of Cloud Hosting and Rackspace’s unparalleled infrastructure at a price more in line with what they are used to paying for a managed shared host. Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions at all about my service or that of Rackspace’s Cloud Sites. Cloud Technology, as it applies to hosting, is a more efficient way of distributing your content, applications. The more traffic that you get, the technology automatically expands to more resources, servers to meet the need. It’s the opposite of the old way of hosting where the more traffic you got, the more resources you used, it would crash the server. Instead of cramming a bunch of sites on one server, Cloud Sites distributes and enables your sites, through cloud technology and infrastructure to have access and “spreading” out to more and more resources as demand grows. It’s a wonderful way to host your sites.

Maintenance Free

Another fabulous feature of Cloud Sites is that is 100% fully managed. This means that you don’t have to worry about the underlying server side technologies like Linux, Apache, MySQL, or PHP, nor the proprietary Javascripts that automatically expand the servers and bandwidth as your traffic increases. Nor do you have to worry about the security of your data from outside malicious hacks, bots, and whatnot. All that you have worry about managing is your own software. And if for any reason there is a problem and you are not sure whether the problem is coming from your software or from Rackspace’s infrastructure, or some combination of both, you can contact me and I will get with Rackspace Technicians, and even though they are not required to solve your own software problems, it has been my experience in the past that they enthusiastically try to figure out where the problem is coming from and either solve it or make the specific recommendations to the webmaster about where the problem is coming from and how in their opinion it can be solved. And they are there at the helm 24x7, although I do sometimes sleep during normal Central Standard Time hours. :-)