Testimonials from Some Current Clients

“I very very rarely write recommendations but I felt compelled to! Stephen Pickering service is second to none! From the onset when I first stumbled upon his website I was impressed by how he fronts his website with a picture of himself! this told me straight away That this is company doesn’t hide behind their computers as a lot do! It had been long time since I built and run a website So I was a bit rusty on it! Stephen installed my chosen CMS data based up free of charge and also gave valuable advice! My emails were answered quickly and were very detailed replies! I’m on the other side of the world from where Stephen is base and I know for a fact he must put some big hours into his business! No nine to five service here! I had put a lot of research in regards to finding a host for my website as this makes a big difference on how well your site does in worldwide search rankings and Rackspace is the server to be on! I was going host my website directly with rackspace but found it to be too daunting! and this is why I went with a third party hosting company the uses rackspace as they have the expertise! Thank you Stephen for the help and refreshing customer experience keep up the good work.” - Peter McCabe www.extreme-scenarios.com”

“When I was looking at Rackspace Cloud Servers, it quickly became apparent that system administration, either provided by them or outsourced, was going to be a serious expense, (or a serious risk if simply ignored). Rackspace also has managed Cloud Sites, which essentially matches the exact need stated above. The problem is that their pricing isn't anywhere near entry-level. While Cloud Sites do cost about an eighth the price of Managed Cloud Servers with comparable power, we're still talking a minimum of $150/month. :-( That's when a Google ad had led me to Stephen Pickering of http://RackspaceReseller.com . Though it did take me a while to "get" it, what he's doing is "slicing" those $150/mo account(s) into much smaller ones, so that one can get the same speed and power, just with less bandwidth/storage/computation/etc., for only $5/month. Future growth is apparently trivial: just add money, without having to move files and databases. So that's exactly what I did: http://AboutTh.is is now hosted on a very thin slice of Stephen's Rackspace Cloud Sites account, for a whopping $5 investment. :-) He's been incredibly helpful and responsive, and it was rather trivial to move the files and settings over from GoDaddy.” David Beroff http://AboutTh.is

“You are so quick- I really appreciate the responsiveness.  It was your responsiveness that enabled me to get my wife's site up in a day!  You're just as good, if not better than Rackspace's support! I would recommend you to anybody!” http://www.dahliasfloral.com/  Regards, Josh